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Your Number 1 Cocaine Shop In The United States.

Silicondrugsales is one of the most rated online cocaine shops in America selling from Peruvian cocaine to Colombian and Bolivian cocaine. Feel free to buy pure cocaine from a trusted coke vendor and receive your order overnight. We’re are open to bulk orders and we accept bitcoin payment on all cocaine orders.

We’ve been in this cocaine business for more than 5 years today therefore, we have a good mastery of the business and know perfectly how to go about it. “Be rest assured to receive your coke order on time”

Shipping cocaine through the mail is a very risky and challenging task but trust us, we’ve got the perfect routes and connections needed to get the cocaine game going. “Order cocaine online and receive it overnight.”

Howmuch Does A Gram Of Cocaine Cost In The USA?

Cocaine prices range from $60 to $150 a gram depending on the quality and also where it is coming from. Since cocaine is an illegal drug, some online coke vendors tend to price their cocaine depending on how far they are from their source supplier.

Nevertheless, a fair and moderate price for cocaine should not be more than $100, $80 is a good price to pay for 1 gram of very pure cocaine (92%).

Where To Buy Pure Cocaine Online In Bulk

At Silicondrugsales, we sell very pure cocaine coming from Columbia and Peru. On wholesale deals, we sell a kilogram of cocaine for $35.000, and sometimes we might even drop it to $30,000 depending on how many kilograms ordered.

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