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What Is Agent Orange Cannabis Strain?

Agent Orange Cannabis Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its orange, spicy taste that delivers a potent cocktail of Sativa effects. It is a well-balanced hybrid combining the smooth Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper weed strains.

Agent Orange weed is an upbeat, positive, and almost trippy mostly-Sativa hybrid that produces large, flat-topped colas that are full of citrus fragrance.

Agent Orange weed can turn purple in the proper conditions but generally finishes a verdant green with neon orange pistils. A strong sense of euphoria, which raises the user’s mood and produces a strong fuzzy disconnect from reality, is typical.

THC levels of Agent Orange weed usually hover between 13-16%, with CBN and CBD both around 0.2%. Some consumers of this strain have indicated it produces an alert but manageable high

The Origin Of Agent Orange Cannabis Strain

Agent Orange Cannabis Strain was originally created by “TGA Subcool Seeds” in an attempt to fuse the legendary clone Jack’s Cleaner with an orange strain, it was thought to be an attempt to make his own version of a Juan Moore strain called 7Up.

Agent Orange Cannabis derives its name from its aroma and flavor, being of freshly cut oranges and citrus herbs. Though a hybrid, its appearance looks a tad more Indica as a well-cultivated batch will have hues of light and dark purples scattered throughout its forest-green buds.


Agent Orange Cannabis has strong mood elevation properties with a quick onset it can be a bit trippy and scatterbrained at times, a true Sativa experience. Ocular attention, mood elevation, and minor pain relief are the main medical properties.

Important Facts About Agent Orange Cannabis Strain.

It is always important to remember that Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its orange, spicy taste that delivers a potent cocktail of Sativa effects. Its flowering time is between 55 and 65 days.

The creation of Agent Orange Weed Strain was the idea of TGA Subcool Seeds. They crossed local Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. It is recommended that Agent Orange be grown indoors and topped and trained into a bush. Reportedly, Agent Orange weed is a heavy yielding strain.

Agent Orange Cannabis Strain is great for daytime or morning use. This marijuana strain is often used by people seeking refuge from stress, anxiety, and depression. While it is not recommended for anything beyond minor aches and pains, Agent Orange Cannabis has been helpful to patients managing minor infrequent pain. It has also been useful to patients living with chronic migraines and fatigue.

Agent Orange Weed Strain by MzJill Genetics will capture your senses. Wonderful smells of oranges and fresh-cut citrus will immediately entice you, while the pigments of deep maroon and purple will make its buds stand out in a sea of green.

Agent Orange Cannabis is a great strain for getting out and getting things done as the “trippiness” wears off in approximately 20-40 minutes after its onset. As with most Sativa strains.

Side Effects Of Agent Orange Cannabis Strain

common negative side effects include cotton mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, and headache.

The effects are often uplifting and motivating, serving as a great mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed.


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