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Mario Carts Gelato

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Mario Carts Gelato

Mario Carts Gelato has gained a lot of attention recently and rightly so. The mystery, however behind it is responsible for the intrigue that surrounds it. With no official website claiming ownership of the brand, many fakes have emerged.

Medicinal Cannabidiol boasts of being one of the few in the cannabis industry which actually delivers. Mario Carts have a number of promising qualities and a great number of flavors.

Mario Cartridges and Ghost OG cartridge follow this description to a tee. The effects set in immediately and are strong, but not overpowering. Ghost OG scores well for achieving what the strain is supposed to do. You can buy Mario Carts THC Cartridges today from us as discount prices.

Are Mario Carts legit?

Mario Carts Gelato contains about 83 to 87 percent THC, the test shows 69.35% Though they claim the product is lab-tested, they fail to provide any results. On the back of the package, It is stated that Mario Carts contains a THC composition between 83-87%.


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