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About Mario Carts Vape Cartridge

Nerds is a hybrid-strain designed by the breeders of the Oregon Microgrowers Guild. It was the brainchild of Adam Jacques, who is also the owner and head grower of the guild. He started by choosing Grape Ape from Barney’s Farm and crossed it with a Strawberry Cough from the BC Bud Depot.

The resulting plant from that was then back-crossed with another plant of the same phenotype. Finally, that plant was self-pollinated to make Nerds an S1 hybrid. About half Indica and half Sativa, the strain’s effects are relaxing and almost meditative.

Mario Carts Vape Cartridge has a number of promising qualities and a great number of flavors. You can order Mario Carts THC Cartridges today from us at discount prices. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our LiveChat support Agents.

Mario Carts claims their cartridges contain between 83 – 87 percent THC, test shows 69.35% Though they claim the product is lab-tested, they fail to provide any results. On the back of the package, Mario Carts states a THC composition between 83-87 percent. A recent test shows THC coming in at 69.35%.

Are Mario carts dangerous?

The tested Mario carts contained way more contaminants than allowed by law. One test reported by Dab Connection showed that a Mario Cart product claimed to contain 83-87 percent THC, but the cart itself only had 69 percent THC when tested.

Mario Carts Vape Cartridge THC

Mario Carts Vape Cartridge has been up in the market for a while now and has been gaining a lot of attention and outsold many other cartridges which makes it one of the best selling cartridges with high-quality THC percentage. All flavors are authentic and original.

With Dank Vapes, they claim to be over 90% THC when their lab results show to be 60-65% THC. As with Mario Carts Vape Cartridge, they claim up to 87% THC and actually show 69% THC. After reviewing both brands, they both gave an equal high that would need a few hits to feel something.

Although Mario carts THC cartridges have a number of promising qualities, there are some worrying concerns about them. The THC oil is good and strong and vape cartridges are well built.


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