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What Are West Coast Cart?

West Coast carts, also known as “West Coast Cure Vapes” are the first name in high-end wax products. Bringing years of connoisseur marijuana mastery to the table, West Coast Cure Carts keeps offering consumers the very best in wax and oil.

With an award-winning pedigree, WestCoast Cure carts are the cannabis brand for both celebrities and aficionados alike.

West Coast Carts originated in California’s traditional market. And has been selling to date. West Coast Cure vapes are common weed vape brands you can find all over California and other states.

Are West Coast Cure Vapes Legit?

Research shows that West Coast cure claims its products taste is  OK and can get someone decently buzzed, those products aren’t licensed.

Months ago West Coast Cure and its parent company, WCC Management, tried to merge with DICA Distribution to cultivate a procedure to distribute legal weed throughout the Golden State.

The application was not approved or denied at the beginning of September, according to news reports, but it looks like that application ultimately went nowhere.

Also, this popular West Coast Carts vapes are growing segments of the nation’s new legal cannabis industry. They’ve also been implicated in a vaping health crisis that’s put thousands of people in the hospital and taken the lives of dozens.

Serious side effects these carts are still to be discovered, but for those who used West Coast Carts and subsequently developed respiratory depression, dizziness, nausea, weakness, etc should see a physician, go along with the cart.

How To Distinguish Fake West Coast Carts From Originals.

West Coast Cure as earlier told has a top of the line wax in our San Jose dispensary coverage. An image has also been included on West Coast Cure packaging in our post on a Sacramento dispensary, which can now serve as a handy comparison for general style.

Another sign of counterfeits appears to have a longer mouthpiece. The “TM” at the end of the logo rides higher on counterfeits than on the real carts, and if the word “pen” is as bold as the word “cure,” that’s a dead giveaway of a fake as well.




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