White Recluse High CBD


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About White Recluse High CBD

White Recluse High CBD is a super rare balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% Sativa) created through the crossing of classic The White X SFV OG Kush strains. Beware the White Recluse this gorgeous girl will strike hard and fast, leaving you out of touch for hours.

White Recluse High CBD  high hits you almost immediately after your first toke, leaving your mind into a purely blissful state of euphoria and hazy ease. As your mind fades away, your body will begin to succumb to the poisons of the White Recluse, putting you in a state of helplessly couch-locked and immovable, although totally happy about it.

White Recluse has created an award-winning pre-roll  (White Recluse High CBD Pre Rolls) that isn’t for the faint of heart! Each pre-roll is made of either Indica or Sativa premium flower, top-shelf live resin, and then dusted in 99.99% pure CBD crystalline isolate.

Winner of last year’s High Times Cannabis Cup Pre-Roll Category, this tasty pre-roll will get a group of people medicated, or you can enjoy it by yourself over the course of a few sessions!

This CBD Pre Rolls won the NorCal High Times Award 2nd place for the best medically infused product! 2018 Best Pre-Roll at the Dab A Thon Cup #5! Premium Pre-Rolled Cannabis featuring Natures Top Shelf Flower, rolled in Bazooka Extracts Live Resin, wrapped in Raw Natural Papers, and dusted in CannaNano CBD Crystalline.

This is a whole new dimension in Pre-Roll.

26.9% Holy Grail OG Flower.

86.2% Chem Dog Cake Badder Live Resin.

99.99% AC DC CBD Crystalline


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